A CMF Therapist Testimonial

Music Therapy: Healing Through Music

Contributors: Brooke Sinang, MT-BC; Content by Josh Pineda


Children’s Music Fund (CMF) therapists are continually motivated to help children heal through music. We here at CMF want to share some stories of music therapy in action, from the perspective of our certified and outstanding therapists The following is one example of music therapy at work, using musical treatments to reach wellness goals. CMF therapist Brooke Sinang shares an experience she had with one of her teenage patients who used songwriting to both work through her problems, as well as set up a path for her future:

“I worked as a music therapist with a 16 y/o female who was struggling with addiction to marijuana and mental health issues. She was born to an abusive family and eventually was adopted by a caring woman who then became terminally ill. Her adoptive mother was actively dying during the time she was in treatment. She had a lot of anger, grief, identity issues among other social-emotional difficulties. I worked with her using music therapy songwriting techniques to allow her to find her voice and express her emotions.

This young woman was not yet ready to process the loss of her mother at that time, but instead was able to process fears about college, finding a job and staying sober after her mom was gone. I helped her to find a reggae beat inspired by one her favorite artists Bob Marley, and taught her the chords on keyboard.

We wrote lyrics together outlining her fears, goals and dreams, she sang and played several tracks until she was satisfied with the finished result. We then verbally processed practical steps, such as internships and volunteer work, which would enable her to get where she wanted to go. After the recording was finished, she smiled and expressed that she couldn’t believe she had written a song.

Her sense of worth, and feelings of empowerment was palpable and she no longer seemed overwhelmed with anxiety about the future. She had been able to use the music to process and validate her current feelings, and also create a future using tangible goals and a plan of action. All of this created a song that she felt proud of. “

In this amazing case of therapeutic methods in action, music therapy techniques helped to rehabilitate and emotionally heal a teenager and put her on the right path towards success. Using an effective personalized approach, Brooke Sinang was able to help her patient cope and reach her goals, in way that was truly inspiring and influential. Our music therapists are trained to provide this quality of care and investment, delivering support to children in need.

Music therapy is a valuable practice in helping to build healthy individuals and communities, all through the power of musical performance and expression. Help us to connect patients with our incredible team of music therapists by donating or volunteering today. Visit www.theCMF.org for more information.

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