Our Third Annual Healing Through Music Benefit Event – A Sold Out Success!

On Saturday, September 17, over 150 AMAZING individuals came together to suppport Children’s Music Fund. At the gorgeous home of musical talents Edie & Michael Lehmann Boddicker, guests were greeted with gourmet food sponsored by La Dolce Vita restaurant in Beverly Hills and fine wine from Vampire Vineyards. The evening program featured special guest Emcees: comedian Patrick Ney, actress Jenna Macari and West LA Music’s Rick Waite. Inspirational speakers included Raffi Tachdjian, President & Founder of CMF; Firouzeh Banki, a longtime CMF supporter, and Anna Rahm, who received music therapy and a guitar from CMF in 2009, after undergoing numerous procedures to manage serious and chronic medical conditions. An enthusiastoc Opportunity Drawing and Live Auction included fabulous prizes, and West LA Music offered to donate a guitar to CMF for every $500 contribution and a keyboard for every $1000 gift that evening. The program concluded with a live performance under the stars by multi-talented artist Paul Adelstein.

This was CMF’s most successful event, allowing us to expand our extraordinary services to reach even more children with the healing power of music in the coming year!

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