2017 Healing Through Music Gala

Held at The Village Recording Studios, honoring comedian & actor Maz Jobrani.

2017 Comedy Night with Maz Jobrani
2016 Healing Through Music Gala
2016 Benefit Concert at the Teragram Ballroom
2016 Gus Harper Art Show

Our Art Show was a great success! Thank you to all who came to the studio to see some of Gus Harper’s work, which has been most prominently featured in TV shows such as Modern Family, New Girl, Dexter, and several movies including Straight Outta Compton.

2016 Laughter Is Medicine 8 at the Irvine Improv
2015 CMF Family Fun Day
2010 Healing Through Music Gala
2009 Healing Through Music Gala

Held at the Thos Moser furniture showroom in Culver City.

2009 Comedy Night

Held at Phoenicia Restaurant, featuring comedienne Lory Tatoulian.