September is Cancer Awareness Month.

Children’s Music Fund serves kids with bone cancer, leukemia, and brain cancer.

One of the best things about music is that is can make you feel good. That is one of the main reasons people with cancer use music therapy. Many of us know how calming and relaxing it can be to listen to a favorite piece of music. It can help people with cancer to cope with side effects such as

Music therapy can be a safe place for kids to explore fear, anxiety, anger and the range of emotional responses to living with cancer.  It is a very effective complementary alternative medicine and studies continue to show its positive effects.

Children’s Music Fund (CMF) provides free music therapy to children suffering from cancer and other chronic and life altering illnesses in and out of the hospital. Parents of CMF kids with cancer have reported decreased levels of pain and anxiety and an increase in communication and feeling better after receiving music therapy. Music therapy cannot cure or prevent cancer, but music therapy can help heal!

For more information on how CMF can help, call us on 310-428-0589 or email


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