A Look Inside The Village Studios

Have you ever been inside a recording studio, not to mention a studio as iconic as The Village? Let us show you around.

We’re so proud to have owner Jeff Greenberg as a member of our board, and to partner with the iconic recording studios for our next event in support of music therapy! Our Healing Through Music Benefit Gala takes place on Saturday, October 29th at legendary The Village studios. Tickets now on sale.

We want to showcase the fantastic legacy of the studios to gear things up for our Masquerade Gala. October 29th is your chance to experience the amazing Village recording studios for yourself. The West LA venue is such a landmark, not just for the Los Angeles music scene, but for recorded music as a whole. Read on to find out the history of the studios, and view a full gallery of photos below.

The Village has welcomed quite a countless registry of artists, including hit names such as The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Taylor Swift and many, many more. The Village is also known for its soundtrack recordings, including music for major films such as Dead Poets Society, Almost Famous, and most recently The Revenant. Greenberg is a music industry mainstay, with a full background as a manager and concert promoter since his start in 1966. Under Nederlander, he booked and produced shows for incredible venues such as the Greek Theatre and The Pantages Theatre. As a former agent at ICM, he represented some of the best talent including James Taylor, Aerosmith, and Heart. Greenberg is currently a member of The Recording Academy.

Greenberg’s expertise has just been featured in The Village’s cover story in Mix Magazine:

 “I think the thing about The Village that fosters such a sense of community is Jeff,” adds engineer/producer Ed Cherney. “He is warm, smart, funny, and very giving and generous. In many ways the whole scene at The Village is an extension of his personality. He supports the up and comers—artists and producers, engineers, managers and anybody else that has the desire and is willing to work hard.”

Also noted in the feature is The Village’s amazing facilities for live events:

“I’m a promoter, so one of the first things we did when I came on was live broadcasts, with organizations like Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW,” Greenberg says. “I think we’re known for having new bands coming to town and playing live on the radio, or streaming. I don’t think anybody has done as many as we have. We blow their minds with how good it sounds, and many of the projects we do live end up being released as records. That’s one of the reasons we’re getting so many great new artists.”

You can hear how incredible the room sounds, by attending our benefit gala. CMF Spokesperson, Shana Halligan is set to perform and some special guests might stop by at the CMF Masquerade. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience decades of music history for yourself. Get your tickets now via Eventbrite, and help us continue to bring the healing power of music to chronically-ill children in need.

For more event information, visit theCMF.org/gala2016

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