Today’s Patient, Tomorrow’s Music Therapist – a CMF Testimonial

Artwork by Sienna Holmes

Artwork by Sienna Holmes

Contributor: Cierra Gordon; Content by Josh Pineda

We here at CMF are motivated to show support and tell the benefits of music therapy, and what better way than to share stories of music therapy in action! The following testimonial is one special example of music therapy at work, using musical treatments to reach wellness, personal, and social goals. Meet Cierra, 21 year old who has been a patient at the UCLA Chronic Pain Program since the age of 9. In her patient perspective, she tells us how her treatment inspired her to pursue a music therapy career. As a former patient who benefited from music therapy as part of her treatment plan, she is now motivated to continue the mission of “healing through music!”

We asked Cierra to tell us how music therapy has benefited her, and what she hopes to accomplish as she works her way to become a music therapist:

“Music has been an escape when I have been sad or in pain.  When I feel that way, I can sing,  play my flute, guitar or piano. The enjoyment of the music makes the pain temporarily go away.  Becoming lost  in the music takes my mind off of anything else. I would love to be able to share this passion with others. As a music therapist, my focus group will be children with special needs and/or older people with Alzheimer’s. Through my research, I have learned music brings a variety of responses from people in both of these populations. Writing music has also helped me relax which consequently reduces pain and stress.  I want to share my passion for music with others while helping them overcome physical, emotional and mental issues.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Cierra experienced all the benefits of music therapy firsthand, including how musical treatments serve as tools for stress-management, self-soothing, and communication. Having seen how valuable the effects were to her own treatment, she’s now dedicated to help others through the same means. In addition, at the age of 19, Cierra auditioned and was accepted to be a part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera under the direction of Linda Jackson. After completing her first opera with Ms. Jackson, Cierra passion for music has become even stronger. CMF believes Cierra is well on her way to become a fantastic future music therapist. 
Music therapy is a valuable practice in helping to build healthy individuals and communities, all through the power of musical performance and expression. Just like Cierra, join us on the mission to show support and tell the benefits of music therapy! Help us to connect patients with our incredible team of music therapists by donating or volunteering today. Visit for more information.

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